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Converting a 401k, or 403b to a Sliver IRA in West Virginia

We are asked by residents of West Virginia many times if you can convert a 401k to a silver IRA, Gold IRA or precious metal IRA. in West Virginia this is possible, and the best way to achieve this is via a 401k to silver IRA rollover.

West Virginia laws allow you to roll over any portion of either a 401k plan or a 403b plan into a Silver IRA without incurring any form of a tax penalty.

We advise residents of West Virginia to consider only investing a maximum of 30% of your entire retirement funds into a basket of precious metals. Most good companies offering 401k or 403b rollover schemes in West Virginia would make the same sort of recommendation. A strategy that diversifies your retirement holdings as much as possible will ensure you de-risk your retirement portfolio as much as possible.   If moving from a 401k or 403b plan into IRAs, set up at least one precious metal IRA and one more traditional IRA this way, you will be able to hold a wide variety of asset type for your retirement years.

Making a move from a 401k or 403b plan in West Virginia can be complex; However, several precious metals companies operate in West Virginia we would highly recommend Goldco.

When we evaluated all of the Silver and Gold IRA companies operating in West Virginia, we found Goldco offered the best customer services and were highest rated amongst many the companies we review. We spoke to them on several occasions throughout our review process. We found that their staff were amongst the most polite and helpful of all providers offering these facilities.  We also found that they were not at all pushy and that they never tried to force you to buy anything.

The information pack they provided at no cost was amongst the most complete we reviewed from any provider and explained all the pros and cons of investing in precious metals for your retirement.

We can fully understand why sites like www.bearlakegold.com have awarded them the 2021 Gold and Precious Metals IRA provider of the year.

If you live in West Virginia and would like to request a copy of Goldcos information pack click this link.